Wet Pain is now available!

2 May 2012

Wet Pain is the second release by Videodreams,
a three tracks EP available in two versions:
a digital free download and a triple version packaging designed by the talented combo T-WO.
Choose your favourite cover!

Invasioni Robotiche vol.3 at Soundlab

7 Apr 2012

Thanks to the collaboration with Taj De Blu here is the new edition of Invasioni Robotiche in a stunning location, the suggestive "Barchessa" at Parco di Villavarda (PN, Italy). In this joint venture we brought on stage our fellows Jackeyed, Videodreams and Steve Nardini. Music selection by The Storylines in pure vinyl-lust. Simply a beautiful evening!

Invasioni Robotiche vol.2 / Xmas Compilation release party

29 Dec 2011

At Invasioni Robotiche you can find all the Megaphone crew playing gigs, selling merch, telling stories and drinking drinks. This second edition of Invasioni Robotiche hosted the Sleeping Tree, the Storylines, Threatcon Charlie and Arnoux.

Enjoy the live video of Arnoux and the pics of the evening, where besides the live concerts we officially presented the third Xmas compilation by Megaphone!

Xmas Compilation 2011 (AA.VV)

23 Dec 2011

Megaphone is proud to announce the release of the Xmas Compilation 2011, the third edition.
First came the video, then the sound. 9 soundtracks inspired by a single muse, 9 interpretations for a silent motion picture featuring unbelievable guests like Vague Angels, SJ Esau and more. You can find
all artist's interpretation of the video here!

And have a look at the MAKING OF by clicking the video camera here below

Invasioni Robotiche vol.1

10 Sep 2011

At Invasioni Robotiche you can find the entire Megaphone crew playing gigs, selling merch, telling stories, drinking drinks. This very first edition took place yesterday in the Alps in Frisanco, Pordenone.
The location is PURE MAGIC!

Live gigs by the Storylines, Videodreams, Arnoux
and DueComeNoi DJSet to party till dawn

Videodreams join Megaphone!

5 July 2011

We proudly announce that a new band joined the collective: hands up for Videodreams!
This dream-pop creature shines of cold starlight and warm fire. Just taste it, fine food for your soul.
Discover Videodreams now!

Xmas Compilation 2010 (AA.VV.)

23 Dec 2010

This edition will host 20 bands and solo artists from our boot shaped peninsula, its seas beyond the Alps, across the English Channel and the ocean. This exquisite and marvelous melting pot will perfectly suite all your Xmas humping experience as well as the next summer heatstroke, will also become part
of your sadness, your happiness and your vacuum cleaning. You can have it in free download!
Lovely handmade cover by Uolli, take a look at the pictures by clicking the camera here below!

June Leaves, the first full-length by The Storylines

4 June 2010

June Leaves is the first full length by The Storylines, an amazing 10 tracks album born in Paris and grown in the middle of our dark mountains.
Take a look at the astonishing limited edition of 300. It comes in a high quality hand-made package, enveloped into fabric with original artwork by Pierpaolo Febbo, and includes 10 prints of the artist

(also in free download here)

Xmas Compilation 2009 (AA.VV)

23 Dec 2009

6 songs by 6 Megaphone's artists as a gift to place under the Christmas tree or send to your friends.

A Christmas present in free download to enjoy with a glass of hot mulled wine and a woolen scarf around the neck. Must listen!

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