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25Nov 12


Cockadoodle3 Gallery1

Ladies and Gentlemen, we proudly present this hi-quality selection of artists for a night of extreme pleasure for your senses:

Cani Giganti (51beats), Go Dugong, FRZ, E.Sist (DJ set) and Luigi Dalla Riva from Eclectic Collective (VJ set).

Have a look at the mind-blowing video and at the inspiring colourful photos!

28Jan 18
Trame, A Study On Ambient Music.

Trame, a study on ambient music.

Trame News

Our long time friend and collaborator Bias finally and officially joins Megaphone, releasing an ongoing collection of 24 A/V studies through 2018.

This archive of (otherworldly) video-soundscapes will be updated two times per month in this dedicated Vimeo channel

More infos about “Trame” are available at here

20Dec 17
The XMAS Compilation Is Back!

The XMAS Compilation is back!

Megaphone XMAS Compilation 2017

After a hiatus of 4 long years, the infamous xmas compilation is back featuring active projects, some HD digging and even some future projects premiere. As always in free download.
Take care you there! 

07Jul 17
One Song A Day, New Project By Sonambient

One song a day, new project by Sonambient

Un Giorno / Una Traccia

Our fellow artist Sonambient will be in Sicily during all summer, hosted by FARM.

According to his words, he decided to post a song per day as a diary, focusing on raw sounds and strong elements as a way to fix memories in time.

23Mar 17
New Album By Arnoux – Montroe

New album by Arnoux – Montroe

Montroe Cover Sito
Montroe Digital Cover

Here’s another mixture of waves by the bunch of molecules on loan known as Arnoux.
Montroe is a place hidden in the mountains, from where you can perceive the blossoming of what they call Big Bang from the right point of view, so it looks like a white orchid on a black background.

The album is available in digital streaming and download, matched with a limited edition 7″ including the single “A path through the woods” + an unreleased untitled track.

14Oct 16
Amygdalae Is Out!

Amygdalae is out!

Amygdalae Gallery1

After 3 years waiting, the new album by Sixth Minor is finally out. A 56 minutes long trip into human brain, with techno kicks and industrial distorted riffs. Amygdalae is available through SM bandcamp and soon on Spotify (click below to be notified).

19Sep 16
Slow Light By Sonambient Out Now!

Slow light by Sonambient out now!

Slowlight Gallery1
First Page
Second Page
Cd Close Up

We are happy to announce that “Slow Light“, the new album by Sonambient, is finally out now.

Started in 2014 and finished and polished since then, is now available in free download for our mailing list subscribers and in a 80 copies limited edition on our Bandcamp.

It will also be available on Spotify soon – if you want to be notified when online, please click the button below.

09Jun 16
New Evolving Album By Arnoux

New evolving album by Arnoux

NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute
NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute

From Arnoux BC 

Mandalas is an evolving album. 
The concept is based on the feeling of transience. 
The track you are listening to, right now, will be sooner or later deleted and replaced by new material, may it be in form of little collections or single tracks. 
New collections or tracks may be ambient, techno, kraut, jazz, whatever. 
Each track has a serial number so you can collect them all in your hard-disk and keep this Mandalas’ archive tidy and in chronological order. 
I’m not going to keep the removed materal, as any Mandala will be blown away, so if you will, feel free to download and preserve this part of my soul. 
Cover art is, of course, subject to transience too, this one is by  NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute.

Thank your for listening ” 

18May 15
“Beyond Stolen Notes”: The First LP By Stèv Is Out

“Beyond stolen notes”: the first LP by Stèv is out

Beyondstolennotes Gallery 2

After playing at Invasioni Robotiche #4, we announced that Stèv have joined the Megaphone Collective.
Now, thanks to a collaboration with Loci Records (US), his first LP is out.

Megaphone handles the vinyl version, while Loci Records takes care of digital and streaming services.


27Apr 15
The New Album By Jackeyed Is Out Now

The new album by Jackeyed is out now

Rosshalde Gallery1

Jackeyed returns! Rosshalde is out now on Megaphone. Jackeyed and his trusty dream team give birth to truly amazing brand new album. Digital download plus streaming and hyper-deluxe, hand-crafted, crazy cool limited CD are now available on 100 pieces only.

UPDATE: CDs are SOLD OUT. Click on the hyperlink above for streaming and related media.

27Apr 15
We Welcome Caplan

We welcome Caplan

Caplan St Gallery1

We welcome Caplan, a lovely band releasing their self-titled debut album, full of melody and sentiment driven music, offspring of playing together with passion and feeling. Great and genuine songwriting, upstanding, heartwarming. Available in CD, streaming and digital download.


28Feb 15
“Yonder” The Making Of

“Yonder” the making of

Have a look at how “Yonder” by Sonambient was made: hand assembled and silkscreened with love in Megaphone’s headquarters.

24Feb 15
“Yonder” By Sonambient Is Out Now!

“Yonder” by Sonambient is out now!

Yonder Gallery1

Yonder is out now folks! Released in tandem with White Forest Records, Megaphone performs his favorite magic by making waves tangible. The result is a gorgeous, hand-assembled, silk-screened, limited edition tape cassette.


01Jan 15
The Tape Series Is Complete

The Tape Series is complete

Tapeseries Gallery1

The kaleidoscopic Tape Series by the A/V duo Top Banana, as promised, is done. The 12 precious limited edition tapes are now scattered around the world, filled with the result of one year of sonic quest. 12 months, 12 one-single-copy releases, 6 hours of visionary music. Check out the massive handwork of this unique band on Bandcamp and Vimeo as well, and enjoy the trip.

26Dec 14
“There Were Moments 2006-2009”, An Intimate Look Into Jackeyed’s Past

“There were moments 2006-2009”, an intimate look into Jackeyed’s past

Twm Gallery1

This release contains rough material and demo versions belonging to the period 2006 – 2009, when Jackeyed was composing his debut album “The Sleeper’s Sunday Grid”. Released in limited, hand-crafted tape cassette, this album is a fragile and precious gift, private moments revealed.

UPDATE: CASSETTES are SOLD OUT. Click on this link for streaming and related media.

23Dec 13
Megaphone Xmas Orgy

Megaphone Xmas Orgy

Megaphone Xmas Orgy News

The new annual gift by the space crew is out now!
A love affair, a sensual whisper to the ear, a sonic hurricane of passion starring Angela Aux, Sonambient, Videodreams, The Long Distance Runner, Little Fat Baby, Sixth Minor, Top Banana, Bound, Jackeyed and Arnoux. Wonderful artwork by A Spectacular Machine.

As always in free download, as always with love, from Megaphone.


18Nov 13
“Sleep Well Folk” By Angela Aux

“Sleep Well Folk” by Angela Aux

Sleepwell Gallery1

Sleep Well Folk by our kraut-poet Angela Aux is out now! While listening one is floating on little audio pearls through the sample salad in which various musical references can be found all around: Beck, The Velvet Underground, Sufjan Stevens, Beatles in the sky with diamonds. Limited edition CD out on Megaphone in lovely handcrafted packaging. Great and deep songwriting, don’t miss it.


02Oct 13
“Wireframe” Reprint

“Wireframe” reprint

Scatolone Wireframe

Megaphone releases another run of 100 copies of Wireframe! The powerful album by the duo Sixth Minor is back in stock after a fast sold out. Buy your copy and enjoy this sonic havoc which comes in a very nice to touch cardboard for an hand assembled edition!


07Aug 13
Megaphone Welcomes Sonambient

Megaphone welcomes Sonambient

Sonambient News

Megaphone is happy to announce a new member of the Megaphone Collective. Sonambient is our new fellow artist! We are ready to launch his debut album very soon.

03Jul 13
Jackeyed Joins The Collective

Jackeyed joins the collective

After releasing the magical and acclaimed “The Sleeper’s Sunday Grid” Jackeyed joins Megaphone by becoming part of the amazing big robot’s family. What we can say more? His next album will be released by Megaphone, and we can’t wait for it! News coming soon, stay tuned. Meanwhile, here’s some music!

27Jan 13
“Wireframe”: Sixth Minor’s Debut Album

“Wireframe”: Sixth Minor’s debut album

Wireframe Gallery3

Megaphone is proud to announce the release of Wireframe, the first full-lenght album by the duo Sixth Minor. Wireframe is hard to frame in a defined musical context, but is easy to describe as an excellent creation with high quality sounds: a new steady anchor point in Italy’s music scene. Must listen! Available in digital download and in a fine cardboard packaging.


25Nov 12


Cockadoodle3 Gallery1

Ladies and Gentlemen, we proudly present this hi-quality selection of artists for a night of extreme pleasure for your senses:

Cani Giganti (51beats), Go Dugong, FRZ, E.Sist (DJ set) and Luigi Dalla Riva from Eclectic Collective (VJ set).

Have a look at the mind-blowing video and at the inspiring colourful photos!

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