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Limited edition of 20 hand numbered 7" including the single "A Path Through The Woods" from the album "Montroe"
The b-side is an unreleased track performed live at "Parkunzi", Frisanco, in a tree house hidden in the forest. Arnoux and Vita was there to record some new material for Arnoux' new album, when this guy, Davide, appeared out of nowhere with his collection of didgeridoo and a tent, with the desire to camp and play in that mystical wilderness. That night was jamming in the middle of the most silent awe, the result of that jam was brought home and edited at Arnoux' home studio. It's unnecessary to give this track a title as it is an ineffable deep memory from the heart of the mountain.
Davide: didgeridoo
Vita: banjo
Arnoux: guitalele
Mastering and cut: Beevinyl
Hand painted at Megaphone HQ
Relesed by Megaphone, 2017
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