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The collective formed by Megaphone is based upon an idealistic concept of property, there is no leader but an equal distribution of roles for the managing of the label

This union reflects the idea of “united we stand, divided we fall” and gives its members the opportunity to work harder on what they like the most

The label is deeply rooted within the concept of the DIY paradigm, and is funded by selling hand-crafted limited edition CDs, MCs and LPs by members of the collective and fellow artists spreaded around the world

Megaphone believes in quality music, quality graphics, and most of all human relationships.


Amygdalae Is Out!

Amygdalae is out!

After 3 years waiting, the new album by Sixth Minor is finally out. A 56 minutes long trip into human brain, with techno kicks and industrial distorted riffs. Amygdalae is available through…

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